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Corretta la forma del corpo ed elimina i dolori

Walking on street, you will find many people's shoulders are not even, some have hunchback, razor back, etc. These are signs of crooked bent spine.










Spinal deformation or muscle strain not only caused neck shoulder pains, but also prone to cause weakened organ function, because acupuncture points and meridians on both sides of the spine connect and influent on the internal organs.


Scoliosis (spine deform) often occurs between 10-16 years old, some even earlier, if not get treatment on time and lack of sports, spinal deformity would cause serious chronic shoulder, neck & back pain as age increase.






Deformed spine also would block circulation of blood & energy and cause lots of cardiovascular diseases.

In past, people reply on Osteopathic Doctor to solve spine problems, it is expensive and doctors were tired, treatment period always last long time.













Now in our Pureland Wellness Shop, we will offer unique service to combine electrical massage bed with osteopathic doctor, which will dramatically improve effectiveness, shorten treatment period and reduce price!

We are exclusive distributor of Korea 3H bed company in European, hope our services will bring HOPE to your life!

Un-even shoulder means spine deformation happened.
Often nod down head to watch, may cause spine near head deformed.
Children Spinal deformation often started from 10 -16 years old.
Our 3H electrical bed can help Osteopathic doctor work easier.
Korea 3H massage bed got 5 patients, can effectively correct spine.

Massage Bed

3H Bed Structure = Acupressure + Moxibustion + Massage

  • 62 acupressure rods of aluminum brass alloy that are heated by internal pipe heater for FIR thermal moxibustion and massage with temperature setting controllable 50°F – 158°F, or 10°C- 70°C.

  • Massaging ergonomically and gently along with spinal curvature, by lifting the rods horizontally and moving vertically pressing 18 acupressure points on the two sides of muscles along the backbone covering the neck, shoulder, back, and waist areas near spine, and performing moxibustion at the same time.

  • It provides ultimate spinal health and helps ANS stabilization and improves blood circulation around the spine. Bearable body weight up to 135 kg.

  • Certified as a Medical Device by Korea FDA, widely used by chiropractic doctors in hospitals and clinics 

3H Spine Electrical Acupressure  Massage Bed

I nostri servizi

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